Our Supply Chain Partnerships

Our Supply Chain Partnerships

We have a strong and positive relationship with our core suppliers which helps to build mutual respect and the adoption of our values and business principles.

Our reputation is inextricably linked to the quality of what we procure. So making our supply chain a reflection of our company is one of our key aims. Our approach is to build strong, open and positive relationships with suppliers and providers which share our principles, and to make them an integral part of our business. We are committed to building strong relationships with our key suppliers. We have strategic working relationships with our top tier suppliers, with whom we spend 80% of our annual turnover. We procure goods and services in line with our policies and procedures. This means that we evaluate and procure work according to the following criteria:

  • Can they continue to develop and improve?
  • Do they have a full and relevant environmental policy?
  • Do they have or are they meaningfully working towards a full accredited environmental management system e.g. EMAS, ISO 14001 with targets, objectives and an improvement programme?
  • Do they procure materials from sustainable industries?
  • Are they committed to carbon reduction and waste management programs?
  • Do they have the relevant insurances and their own policies and principles that are identifiable and measurable?

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